Re-Inspire Your Sales Team With A Fresh Award Winning New Strategy…


Buyers are infinitely more savvy than they were when I first learn’t my trade in Liverpool at Royal Insurance in 1987! It’s a whole new world isn’t it!


Whether it’s B2B or B2C it’s really all P2P and todays consumers are wise to all the old tricks.


They are more informed than ever before and can easily detect traditional sales techniques and they just switch off.


We are selling to Generation X and Millennials. They have very different values and very specific wants and needs that are all driven by their buying brain.


This means that if we want to be successful in growing market share, sales & profit we’ve simply got to learn the Science behind how their brain buys.


I retired from my corporate, employed sales career in 2013. I’d Sold over £57 Million in personal sales over 4 decades and led others to sell over £1 Billion!


For the last 4 years I’ve built a successful, award winning international sales coaching business, culminating in a NYC launch on Wall Street in 2016!


I’ve also crucially been studying the work of the current leading thought leaders in the world of persuasion and influence. I’ve studied neuroscience, psychometric profiling and self development. This all means that your people will be way ahead of all other competitors salespeople when it comes to inspiring your target clients and earning their business!


I will transfer both my experience based knowledge and all of these crucial skills to your people, initially in just 1 day! After that they’ll be talking directly to the buying brain of your perfect client meaning more sales at healthy margins and with more regularity.


Would You Even Consider Hiring a Sales Trainer To Teach Your Team How To Sell To Today’s Buying Brain Without Seeing Them Live In Action?


Check Out These Live Mersey Sales Mastery Workshops and see for yourself if I might be a good fit for you and your squad…


What did you feel you are currently missing that could immediately improve your conversions?


Now for the process that won me the UK Sales Coach of the year award because of it’s dramatic impact on the businesses of over 100 Entrepreneurs…


What kind of impact could we make to your New Business sales if we personalised this for you and your business?


Now of course It’s easy for me to tell you how great I am, but the real acid test is to hear directly from my clients. How did their business and life change after working with me?


Here are just 10 short clips from a selection clients from mixed backgrounds, ages, industries, geography and experience. They are either Generation X or Millennials (your clients)…


But If this selection isn’t a good match for your business then take a few minutes to review my 57 Linkedin Testimonials


To give you a taster here’s just 3  from the Managing Directors of a £Multi Million businesses…

  • Mark Neilson

    Mark Neilson

    Managing Director at Aligra

    The man’s a legend, my team benefitted massively from their time spent with Paul and have I’ve already recouped my investment. Highly recommeded.
  • David Jennings

    David Jennings

    UAP Limited

    Anyone who knows me knows I don’t usually write anything online……I know I should, but time gets in the way. HOWEVER, I have made time for this little true story which happened 3 days ago. We contract with Paul to train our sales team, both internals and externals. We have a new product range we have not handled before. High Quality Key Cutting machines from Keyline. Fantastic machines, and at great prices, but they are a reasonable capital investment. I targeted my team to sell 2 a month. So our Sales Director asked Paul to focus this training session on the machines, and ways to position the sales proposition. Today is Wednesday. The team sold 4 machines in the last 2 days. They aim to sell another 3 in the next 2 weeks. And they are on fire. The investment we made in Paul doing the training has led to a return so far of over 40 times his course fee, and by the end of the month that could rise to 100 times his course fee. In anyone’s estimation that is a fantastic return on our investment. Paul is worth every single penny and I cannot recommend him more highly………..HOWEVER if you are a competitor of ours, then I would say Paul is terrible, so go and try someone else 🙂


  • Karl Pearsall

    Karl Pearsall

    Branding & Promotions @OriginalThing | Yes Group™ Founder @YesGroup | Masterminding™ Author

    Coaching for me is about focus, accountability and motivation. As a small business owner I have found that momentum can get lost in the myriad of tasks and distractions. Thanks to Paul for his first class service to gently probe and question, getting me back on track, on the phone, and helping me to achieve an increase in revenue of 48% quarter on quarter for the same period last year. I highly recommend Paul to reinvigorate your sales and results!


Now, in all sincerity is it a ridiculous idea for you to reach out and talk me through your current Sales Challenges so that I can…


1) Design a bespoke Sales Process with you and your people in just 1 day based on the science of “Selling As The Brain Buys”


2) Create more consistent & predictable cash flow for your business and more regularity in the bonuses you pay to your salespeople. They’ll thank you for it with their loyalty to you!


3) Help you to capture more market share and to continue to scale up your sales revenue every month!


If this is what you want then email me at or call 07944 460752


By the way, your biggest competitor is The Status Quo, staying as you are and not investing in your people. 80% of £1 – £10 Million SME’s haven’t invested in any sales training in the last 12 months. Now they’re scratching their heads for answers behind reducing market share, lower sales and profit. They may have even resorted to beating their salespeople up in the hope that it will actually motivate them!




My team and I are ready to take your call right now…


Make the call…

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