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Every day I get out of bed to help people to change their lives by getting them paid for what they love doing most!

When we first meet 9/10 times they’re working for ‘The Man’ for 40+ hours per week in a job they hate just to pay the bills…

BUT, you know every one of them has something else they’d really love to do, more than anything else. It’s invariably their greatest passion, their strongest natural skill or a secret private dream to learn a specific NEW skill.

I get them paid by finding people who need their ‘thing’ and then by teaching them how to SELL their ‘thing’ in exchange for it’s value in Money at huge value to every new client!

So,Why Would I Do That?

Well, in 1987 aged 16 I traded my dream for the alternative, selling my time for cash as a career corporate salesman. After achieving every financial and material goal I had ever set for myself and living the lifestyle I had long dreamed of, this happened…


I don’t want you to make the mistakes I made! At 43 years old my paradigm for happiness in life had landed me in rehab, totally burn’t out. I’d ‘had ‘everything I’d ever dreamed about externally, and I mean everything. BUT, inside I’d been quite literally dying. Oh, and did I tell you that I had also lost everything, and I mean everything!

I held myself hostage to the belief that happiness lies in the attainment of material Goals instead of being Inspired by Purpose and I had been all my life!

In the video I refer to a set of 7 Philosophies that I discovered in Rehab that would be the cornerstone of ‘Starting a New Life, underpinned by a new business doing what I truly loved, for my own reasons, on my own terms and I would succeed or fail based on ME and nobody else!

Here is a taster of these 7 Killer Sales Strategies that will close you more clients in a way that moves both you and them, Live In London…

The Night Everything Changed for Over 100 Spiritual Entrepreneurs…

Three years later I’m now 46, I have a successful micro business as a Sales Coach. I absolutely love it – they’ve even given me awards for it! If money was no object I’d do it all day long for free because it makes me forget about time! I’ve got over 25,000 hours of “Sales” Experience which means I can solve sales problems on the spot without needing to think about it!

Now if you’re a budding entrepreneur or New Start Small Business Owner is it a ridiculous idea for you and I to grab a call so you can talk about the sales challenges you’re going to face OR are already facing, let’s see if I can give you some tips and guidance to get you…

1. Generating Consistent Predictable Cash flow

2. Higher Profile Clients Who Pay Up Front

3. Enjoying more free time living your real life with those you love!

Shoot me an email, PUT ME TO WORK on your #1 problem, challenge or worry right now, the stuff that’s keeping you awake at night!


Would You Even Consider Hiring a Sales Training guy or Coach until you’d had a call with the UK Sales Coach of the year, the Undisputed No1?

Finally, here’s some of my clients who were in the audience that night, full of excitement, nerves, fear and determination. Hear the impact The 7 Keys Make from the actual Spiritual Entrepreneurs just like you may feel right now…

Is it a ridiculous idea for you to call Paul to get some tips to close more deals right now and earn more money this month? Call 07944 460752 in total confidence and let’s help you today!