How To Unhide Objections!

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Did This Man Leave Us A Lesson In Selling Skills ? Some of you may be too young to remember Columbo – my dad loved his show – it seemed it was always on in our house in the ’70’s and early ’80’s… He was a homicide detective, he cracked the most serious of cases,Read more …

Have You Been Found Out Yet?

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You often feel like a fake even though the evidence of your successes, attributes and values populate every area of your life ~ this haunting feeling can bring about intense fear, it can cause you to play small, play safe, procrastinate and even wonder what you are worth – yes? I know ~ it tookRead more …

The No1 Way to Close A Deal That 90% Of Sales People Screw Up!

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The Most Powerful Word in all of Selling? How to increase your sales using 1 little word that changes everything… My Observational Experience… 1) Buyers often take control of the sales conversation to quickly get to what they want in very pragmatic logical terms yes? 2) If the ‘sales person’ just runs with this andRead more …