How to ‘die’ at sales – make your Price position your Usp…

It’s The No1 Business Killer If It Finds Itself In Your Sales and Marketing Plan…

We all need a sales and marketing plan, and often we need some help in putting it together and good qualified help in this area could make or break a startup, come to think of it, could make or break any business at any time! I am often asked ‘What Is The No1 Sales and Marketing mistake’ and it is so difficult to nail just 1 – but upon reflection, it isn’t – it’s easy – Don’t compete on price alone – Ever!…Here’s why…





How true – then you’ve lost your so called USP in a flash! Gone, and so has your chances of success unless you get help quick…‘There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey. It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better’ John Ruskin

why should they see you

The ‘Why’ In The ‘Story’…

Now if you can offer great value for less than many competitors – get the value across first, explain Why you can offer such good value for a lower price – the crucial ingredient is the true ‘Story’ as to ‘Why’ you can do it for cheaper if that is the case- now that’s a totally different story altogether right? Yes! But please don’t just headline your sales and marketing campaign with ‘we will not be beaten on price’ or any other message that creates this perception.


So How Do I Price Myself Right?…

So many of us can easily ‘undervalue’ ourselves – we think something like ‘Well, I can do it for this, and I’d be satisfied with this price, if I get x amount of sales, I’m comfortable asking this price tag, it’s much cheaper than so many others, and after all, I genuinely am offering something better than them! Yes, I’ll go with this’…

Ok, I get it, and I totally identify with this, But…


Just forget what you are comfortable with for a second, and consider the true ‘Value’ your product and you combined have to your client…


How much will they gain ‘After’ your product does it’s job? How much ‘value’ and ‘feel good’ shows up in their life and business after your product works it’s magic? This should be what drives price yes?


Then, look at the competition, and see if what they are offering is as comprehensive and holistic in it’s ‘value’ and ‘service’ as yours… Look at their pricing… compare this to yours – then IF you can provide superior service and value for less you have a ‘Jackpot’ – because this new price is almost always guaranteed to be higher than the original price you were ‘comfortable’ with based on your own ‘undervalued self worth’ – does any of this connect?


Your positioning then is a ‘Value Proposition’ rather than a ‘Price Proposition’ and you can enter the arena with a sincere statement that sends the message ‘I can provide you with the best value, in the most affordable way – and here’s why’ … Now this is a winner – this is the difference between living and dying for so many business people and sales people.

The Key is this – get help now if you are struggling, or unsure – don’t just plough money into your business without the right kind of expert advice and guidance !

 You are very probably worth more than you think you are – the minute you realise this, everything changes!.. Consider every move before making it – It’s a matter of business life or death! All products can be copied, but YOU can’t be – YOU are your USP – focus on this, get expert help and guidance, and watch your fresh sales and marketing plan literally Rock the competition in your Business space right out of the Park! Respect! Paul




Do You Ever Get Sold To?

Closing the ‘sale’ in life isn’t something you do, it’s something you either are or you aren’t at the level of instinct. You are born with the instinct to close the sale (we all know that every little kid’s a closer!) but then by the time we enter our teenage years 80% of us in the UK (maybe only 50% in the US) buy into a ‘safer’ way of getting what we want in life.

The child uses the direct and honest approach, incorporating awesome advanced professional ‘inborn’ sales technique :-

Daddy please can I have an ice cream?



Because you’re having your dinner soon and you won’t eat it if you have an ice cream now!

If I promise to eat all my dinner can I have an ice cream?



I’ve just told you!

Can I just have a little one then?


I promise if you get me just a little one daddy I’ll eat all my dinner, oh please?


Ok, but just a little one, and don’t tell your mother!

Daddy gives his child an ice cream!

Directly asking for what they want, the child closes and gets a straight refusal., but instantly fires back a question to flush out the objection behind the ‘No’. They instantly get the objection and they don’t disagree with it because it makes sense, so they close again, this time using the word ‘if’ followed by an assurance. They get another ‘No’ and again they question it directly and get the same objection. They then close again but this time asking for a smaller order. They get another ‘No’ but this time they close again with an extra built in guarantee of reliability, the buyer hasn’t got a sufficient reason to deny the request for a smaller order and stays silent. The kid knows never to break a silence. The buyer caves in and says yes an the deal is closed!

Sometime later in their formative years, they learn from adults that there is another way to get what you want in life. They watch their parents, siblings, extended family, favourite TV & Movie characters Plus Now they observe social media behaviour do they conclude that you can get what you want by…

  • Manipulation
  • Using guilt as a motivator
  • Passive aggression
  • Sulking
  • Crying and playing the victim
  • downright dishonesty
  • hinting repeatedly with a puppy dog face


We could continue the list ad infinitum. The fact is that the child observes a new phenomenon in all of these scenarios;

When they watch all these upstanding adults using these less direct and straightforward methods they notice that in every case they never encounter the word ‘No’.

They understand that by initiating a ‘game’ it’s possible to ‘dance around’ any subject by ‘testing the water’ undetected. They learn that if the ‘Mark’ is weak, the gamer can squeeze until they get what they want, without ever directly asking for it.

This game requires lots of patience but is better than getting a ‘No’ which means the game is over. Equally, they learn that when the ‘Mark’ is smart and plays a good ‘card’ then they just need to review their strategy and plan their next move.

This Tactical indirect ‘safety dance’ pervades every area of life; dating, job interviews, social events and the list goes on! The word ‘No’ slowly becomes the ‘enemy’ and is to be avoided at all costs. This insidious paradigm finds it way into the workplace and you know this because you hear it every day!

When you hear ‘it‘ you just know. Whoever says ‘it‘ is under hypnosis that they are actually telling the truth!

I don’t think I could be in sales, I’m basically too honest

(meaning that I’d prefer the socially polite lying game to being straight & honest!)

I don’t want to sound salesy

(meaning I’d rather take the easy option and beat around the bush than just take responsibility!)

Isn’t that pressure selling

(meaning an endless game of ‘chase chess’ is preferable to the actual truth!)

What truth?

The truth about closing!

Which is?

Are you sure you can handle the real truth about closing?

Yes, please, tell me!

OK Here it is…

80% of ‘Sales people’ (the mediocre) would prefer to lie to themselves, their clients, their boss and their family than risk being told ‘No’ whilst 20% of ‘Sales people’ (the Winners) can take a ‘no’ as gracefully as a ‘yes’ but never forget that they cannot afford the luxury of a ‘maybe’

Just Like they did as a kid! Have you got the balls to be as honest as a 4 year old? To take responsibility for asking for and negotiating what you want? It’s this simple. If you have got the balls, then you’ll be in the 20% and always be a winner!

If not, enjoy your mediocrity, but don’t ever have the audacity to criticise true sales people merely out of poorly disguised envy dressed up as ‘ethic’ !

Nothing happens anywhere until a sale is made, and true salespeople bring in all the money that everyboy else eventually lives off!

Always Be Closing, because It’s one of your natural inborn instincts!

If your fearful ego has been running your life and assassinating your sales, get Expert Help Now, whilst there’s still time!