Are You Too Salesy?

It’s been a while since my last rant and I don’t want to sound salesy but…

Oh god I’m cringing already, like when someone says ‘I don’t want to sound negative, but…’ or worse still ‘with respect…’

Whenever I head the word ‘salesy’ being used by someone I want to hit them over the head with a copy of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ (can you imagine if that was released today, this ‘salesy’ brigade would be all over it like a rash, I can hear them now ‘ooh, that’s a bit manipulative isn’t it?’).

Let’s type #Salesy in Twitter and see what comes up…

Top tweet ‘being salesy rarely works’ from someone whose pinned tweet is a video of them giving their stuff away for free bless ’em!

No2 tweet ’13 words and phrases that make you sound Irritatingly salesy’ from a person whose bio says that they help sales teams attract clients they want to serve’ – are there any other kind of clients then? Interestingly the no1 word they claim makes you sound irritatingly salesy is ‘guarantee’ – so people don’t want guarantees then?

and No3 tweet ‘brands need to be conversational not ‘salesy’ actually not from a person, from a BOT, it’s an autoblogger? so no conversational interaction with them then?

3 people taking some kind of moral sales high ground but themselves leading with stuff that would never sell a dime to even the most ‘facey punter’ out there!

Let’s see what the urban dictionary has to say about salesy…

‘Adjective for someone cheesy, aggressive, superficial salesperson of whatever product or service they are pitching’ There’s one key error here; the word salesperson doesn’t apply to anybody who is cheesy, aggressive and superficial. The word salesperson is reserved for that rare breed from back in the day who actually created wealth from Jack!

I’m not even sure about the word ‘cheesy’ as that’s kind of rude to cheese, what’s it done to be dragged into this?

Ok look, wherever you go online searching the word ‘salesy’ you’ll get the same kind of thing; tree hugging sales phobics who defend their lack of closing skills (and frankly stones!) by taking a pseudo superiority over those of us who are ‘Salesy’ through and through!

My definition of ‘salesy’ incidentally (for what it’s worth) is ‘Good at Selling‘ just like ‘handy‘ refers to somebody who is good with their hands! Quite simple isn’t it?

I wonder when and where did all this ‘salesy’ crap start?


From what I can see after my research on google and social media the word ‘salesy’ is generally used by pretend entrepreneurs (those with day jobs they hate, but who hang around meetups at night acting as though they’ve got Richard Bransons direct number on their phone!) who are completely and utterly (secretly) terrified of face to face selling with an actual person (or god forbid cold calling!) and who wouldn’t know a ‘Columbo Close‘ if it fell on them from the rose tinted sky!

‘Sales’ is a swear word to these kind of people, they prefer ‘marketing’ (which is an insult to real marketing!) meaning they sit behind a screen all day (or on a pre-recorded webinar) writing outrageous headlines (eg. Make a $Million in a week withouth being ‘salesy’ even if you are a gravedigger!) or attending seminars and dancing to ‘life will never be the same‘ and all rushing to the back of the room with their credt cards to buy….well, they don’t know what it is but there’s only 50 left and they’re not going to be No 51!

If you see someone writing a post or blog using ‘salesy’ or advertising a webinar or seminar using ‘salesy’ or a programme or book or Tribe then just ask them this 1 simply question…

“Name one of Zig Ziglar‘s 3 most famous quotes?”

That’ll be the end of the conversation. They’re exposed as a fraud, they know nothing about the greatest profession in the history of the world! (and the oldest incidentally, the first ever sale was for fruit and was closed by a snake to a charming couple in a nice garden a long ling time ago!).

What horrifies me even more is that this ‘salesy’ phenomenon is not limited to the ‘Left Brain’ skeptical English, it’s spread to the birthplace of sales – the US (well, it’s hacked into the US pretend entrepreneur community anyway!).

The great United States, that gave us the coolest guys ever, the great pioneer salesmen and sales trainers of the 20th Century; Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie, Warren Greshes and my good friiend Ben Gay III creator of the Legendary ‘Closers‘ to name but just a few of the greats. These guys would be turning in their grave (well, perhaps not the one’s who are still alive!) at the thought of their art, their craft, their legacy being dragged through the dirt by the very act of adding a letter ‘y’ to it!

Today’s great proven sales pioneers never use the word ‘salesy’ either; interestingly they celebtrate it in all that they do! Can you imagine Grant Cardone saying ‘please buy my new programme because it isn’t salesy’ or the dragons in the den responding to a pitch by saying ‘no, sorry, it’s all great but you were just too salesy’ …..Is that not the point!

What about Simon Sinek spending 3 hours helping a fortune 500 company ‘find their why’ in a deep and meaningful way, then he says ‘d’you think it sounds a bit salesy?’

In fact let’s say it, yes I’m going to say it, here goes…..

To succeed in business and life you’ve got to sell stuff; yourself, your ideas, your products, everything, you’ve got to sell it using actual sales technique !”

There I said it at last, I feel so free! (‘my name’s Paul and I’m a salesman‘)

How do you think the greatest sale in recent history was just made?

Donald Trump didn’t hesitate to close the big deal because he was worried about being ‘salesy’ did he!

I’m proud to be a salesman. The best salespeople I know are also proud. The worst one’s I know ( and the one’s who’ve gone back to loathsome day jobs and pretend preneuring by night) use the word ‘salesy’

Oh and by the way it’s not generational, I know millennials who know Og Mandino’sThe greatest salesman in the world‘ back to front and who close deals for fun! I also know millennials who use the word ‘salesy’ and they all know ‘The 4 hour work week’ very well. Four hours is just one average length pitch to a professional salesman (or gal) in just one half of one day!

Omg, I nearly forgot…I’ve got to share this with you…

ever heard of a ‘happiness engineer‘ ?

Neither had I!

Until today. It’s what the ‘salesypeople’ call themselves at one very well known Social Media support business. Now I ask you, please grant me this one concession, which do you prefer ‘salesman’ or ‘happiness engineer’ ? Actually, don’t answer that!

Next thing we know clowns will be getting all ‘salesy’ sensitive and start calling themselves ‘Laughter Architects’…

The word ‘Salesy’ (meaning ‘Good at Sales’ according to me) conjures up memories of a 1980’s vibrant and truly alive insurance industry in Liverpool. It beings back memories of great American sales scripts that were pure gold and it reminds me of the (new) widow who sat in front of me with her two toddlers (minus her husband) just 6 weeks after I sold them the policy. Today I was handing her a cheque for £200,000 and 6 weeks earlier I was putting thumbscrews on her husband using the ‘Back the hearse up to the door and let them smell the lillies’ close!

I’ll never forget her words

“Thank you for what you did for us, you were even more stubborn than him, you did the right thing, thankyou”

If I’d have been worried about being ‘salesy’ she’d have been skint and out on the street and 2 kids lives would be markedly different!

Furthermore, if I’d been under the spell of this ‘salesy’ virus I wouldn’t have then pitched her life insurance and savings plans for the kids and have her gratefully accept and pay me back 5k of the 200k to pay for it!

Now if you’re thinking I’m ‘salesy’ and you wouldn’t have done that, then you’d have been neglecting the very real human needs of your customers because of your own self centred egoic fear!

In fact, you wouldn’t have sold the first deal to her and her husband because it was ‘too hard’ and then where would she be?

Sorry, that actually happened very early in my career (aged 20) exactly as I’ve described and it completely changed my life aswell as theirs!

Whenever I’m at a meeting or social event or whatever and some smart arse makes a comment about ‘salespeople’ and ‘salesy’ guess what?

Yep, they get the Mr & Mrs Nichols story! Then I don’t see them again, which is quite nice!

‘Salesy’ is how I remember my first ever speaking events as a coach in London 2013/14 and how I made my first ever sales of online coaching programmes to a crowd (nobody was required to run to the back of the room!). I used every trick in the book to get people to buy and buy they did. Then they got everything I promised (including their ROI guarantees!) and much, much more (as evidenced on my you tube video testimonials – you got any? or d’you think that’s a bit salesy?). These people are now my friends and will buy more stuff, why? Because I had the passion to pitch for all I was worth and I’m proud of it! (Incidentally, the 7 day / 50 people scarcity close worked because it was true!)

Then there are those who mock our inspirational, cult status Hollywood Blockbuster movies!

Who could ever forget the original showhome close by Richard Dreyfuss in ‘Tin Men’ and the power of the ‘before and after photographs for Time Magazine!’

I mean you just can’t ‘UnSee’ GlenGary GlenRoss can you? Alec Baldwin and his set of steak knives, third prize is you’re fired! Coffee really is for closers!

What about the uncanny truth spoken by Ben Affleck in ‘Boiler Room’ – ‘At the end of every sales call a sale is made, either you sell them some stock or they sell you an excuse, now who’s gonna’ close, you or them!’

Today’s ‘salesy’ crowd can’t even relate to this because they’ve never lived it, but I’ll tell you this, if you’ve not been there you can’t call yourself a true ‘Salesperson’ (but you can still pretend to be a night-time preneur!)

…and you’ve got to admit it, even you found Leonardo’s ‘Sell me this pen’ scene just a bit engaging didn’t you?

Now tell me this, if you have a moment of pure inspiration today, create a product today, one that’s going to change people’s lives, who would you prefer to sell it for you ?

  1. A professional salesperson, a closer, who follows a highly structured proven process and has the answer to every objection rehearsed and ready OR
  2. Somebody who wants to be liked and not seen as ‘salesy’ and want to be an assistant buyer with the buyer, a ‘peace of mind engineer’ who is not going to give them a reason to go ahead today, talks awkwardly about price and money, gives up at the first objection, believes everything they say and prefers to chase them down via email?

Which one?

I rest my case!


“Nothing happens anywhere in the world until a sale is made, and salespeople bring in all the money that everybody else eventually lives off!”

btw his quote wasn’t me, I forgot who it was, any ideas please?

Here’s a typical sales process for one of these sales phobics (the salesy tribe!)

although their sales process differs every time because every customer is different (I’m grinding my teeth as I write this!)

  • Make small talk for ages to avoid the main event
  • Let the customer guide the conversation
  • Make a realy big deal about how purpose driven and ethical you are
  • Agree with them on everything they say so they like you
  • The closer you get to the money part, change your body language, tonality and start looking shifty
  • Give up at the first objection (relieved) and send them the quote/price on email and agree to follow up another day
  • Chase them by email then phone whilst feeling desperate and finally give up

Now, 7 things these sales phobics (the salesy tribe) accept from prospects during their breif time together…

  • We’ve no idea how much we want to spend
  • We need to think about it
  • I need to speak to my Aardvark
  • I promise I’ll call you back on Friday
  • I’ll check our budgets, speak with the team and get back to you
  • We never buy on the first visit
  • It’s OK, if we miss the offer we’ll just come back and pay the extra!!!

Proven SET (same every time!) Sales Process of the Real ‘Salesy’ Pro

  • Mentally Prepare the A-Z Strategy to close this deal (including full research & anticipate all eventualities and solutions)
  • Arrive on time looking impeccable and with an irresistable alert quiet confidence, an energy of expecting to do the deal combined with a subtle humility
  • Set the scene, agree the agenda, get seriously curious and ask a ton of questions, the customer is doing 90% of the talking whilst you do 10% just to ask questions and the rest is strategic body language
  • Agree the entire deal in principle & subject to you being able to 100% create their UTOPIAN world with a solution that nails all of their problems quickly and permanently and at a price that fits their budget.
  • Tell true stories based in the customers future about what will have/be/do after your product does it’s job. Re-inforce these stories with hard evidence of customers just like them one using your many before and after video testimonials and written testimonials (I’ve got 58 Linkedin testimonials and over 20 you tube testimonials, you?)

Summarise everything that’s been agreed, ask the customer to put a value on your solution and agree the cost of doing nothing versus the cost of acting now. Present 3 options (maximum for the buying brain) and they’ll choose one, but they Will add a condition or two (understand you can’t win man! remember they’ve got to win this!) typically asking you to do a deal on price or spec or delivery or whatever – you ask…


  • Agree the deal (you give them what they want in return for stuff you want….there’s loads of things but just make sure it’s credible and easy for them to do!) Shake their hand and welcome them to your business, re-inforce everything that’s been agreed and why, everything that’s going to happen next and why, all the value outcomes they have in store. Then sort out all the admin / paperwork / formal stuff and stay with them a bit longer – relax, now you can do the small talk about life and stuff. Always have an immediate plan as to what’s happening next and make sure it happens. Ask for and secure referrals before you leave.

Now, the 7 things the true ‘salesy’ pro’s know for sure from experience…

  • People always know exactly how much they want to spend!
  • People always make decisions all the time IF it feels right and makes sense!
  • Deals can always be closed now by getting Aardvarks to the meeting or on the phone!
  • People don’t call back on friday, they hide and run – yes, grown men run and hide behind their answerphone, their secretary or their wife!
  • People don’t need 12 touches or 37 visits before a sale can be made, they hate all this nonsense and so do you! Plus a better salesperson from one of your competitors won’t be arsing about with 37 visits I’ll tell you that for nothing!
  • Everybody wants a Deal, even the one’s who say “don’t mess about with any offers, just give me the bottom line, your best price” and then when you do they ask for a deal literally minutes later!!! Don’t fall for it, always build in a little discount or freebie to give them the final win!


As within, so without


It means whatever we believe we experience, it’s all a self fulfilling prophecy!

You know what I mean (and if not checkout Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now!)

So my friend, thank you for sticking with me throughout my tirade, I’m sure I’ve over -made the point, stretched too many metaphors and made lot’s of sweeping statements (if I have please would you point them out to me in the comments? Thankyou!)

  • So, What do you make of all of this?
  • Who are you favourite sales pioneers and why?
  • what’s your take on the 7 beliefs and the sales processes?

If you like this and know somebody who’s mad enough to want to read it then please share it with them now, you’ll genuinely be helping them, their customers and their family!

In the meantime come with me – grab your big calculator, put your Kouros on, light up a King Eddie and call me today so we can talk about how you’re going to crush 2018! 

(You’ll get day to day support with all the stuff you’re up against and it’s all 100% Private & Confidential!)

I believe that we should now rise up together as one Industry and Make Selling Great Again!

That sounds strangely familiar?

Anyway got to rush, I’m just off to Marks & Spencers to buy 3 for 2 chicken wings and a meal deal for one for a tenner!

Plus there’s other cool stuff here for you like audio’s and video’s and live talks and live sales calls and killer scripts that’s all simple and is all salesy and all works! In short it’s so cool that when you say it will hit the buy button in your prospects brain and close you more sales with less stress,


Paul, UK SalesCoach of the year & Einstein of Sales

PS. If you could have me in your pocket (stick with me!) and at any time before, during or after your sales calls, when you find you’re up against it – If you could freeze time for eveybody except you and me, then you whistle me and I jump out and give you the exact words to say and stuff to do in order to close the deal there and then…

If I could’ve made this happen for you last month for example…

1) What would you have used it for and when?

2) How much would it have been worth to you?

3) Would it be worth £100 per month, £1000 or £10,000 per month? If not, what?

I’d be really interested to see your feedback?

Respect! P